Production & Packaging

Wonderfactory is committed to produce contemporary art pieces that will be the highlight of your abode, and hold value beyond the decades as limited edition, numbered collectors' items.

Paper Quality

Using paper from German paper-maker Hahnemühle (est.1584), Wonderfactory prints are published on 240 gsm, white matt, 100% cellulose exhibition-grade paper.

Printing Technology

Wonderfactory printing uses Epson's UltraChrome Pro inks, based on Epson’s K3 & HDR ink technology, an aqueous (water based) all-pigment construction over a full set of 10 colours to provide  designed for superior colour accuracy and archival image stability.

The ink set includes Vivid Magenta for brighter blues and pinks as well as Light and Dark Grey for improved balance with neutral greys, reduced bronzing and minimal colourcasts/colour twist.

The Pro formulation features improved Matte and Photo Black inks that provide an enhanced Dmax for brighter prints with an enhanced tonal range in both black & white and colour. It also features a new Yellow ink that provides further durability enhancement with increased UV light resistance.

Prints are published on the Epson SureColor P20080 large-format fine-art printer and processed through certified protocols.  

Technicians follow strict guidelines in handling of prints, working in a dust-free cleanroom to prepare each print for mounting and framing.


Cut with the market leading WIZARD 9000 CMC (Computerised Mat Cutter), the matboard on Wonderfactory prints has a thickness of 3.0mm and sports either a 45° or a 2-step bevel to provide an exquisite highlight to the print. The matboard also sports a precision-cut Wonderfactory logo as an authentication feature.

Frame and Glaze

Prints are hand-assembled with specially-designed and ultra-durable aluminium frames cut to measurement, and protected by a transparent organic Plexiglass glaze.

Certificate of Authenticity

Each print is issued a certificate of authenticity numbering the print in its worldwide limited edition run of a maximum of 100. Wonderfactory also has a Premium line with an ultra-limited production run of 10 worldwide for each print.

Packaging for Shipping

Wonderfactory's limited edition prints are wrapped in PVC cling film, and packed into corrugated carton carriers. The four sides of the carrier are structurally reinforced with cardboard spines, and once-again wrapped in PVC cling film on the outside, proofing the package against water-damage, shape-stress, and slippage during shipping and delivery.