Our Story

The Creative Realm through our Macro Lens
– the magical appeal of the Wonderfactory collective

PLAY, is the pursuit of joy. Amidst the pressures of modern society, there is a resurging embrace of play – and the creation of joy – as an important element to the psychological and physical health of adults living in contemporary life.

The hobby of toy collecting has brought joy to hundreds of thousands of adults around the world; a cherished attachment to the memories and dreams of their childhood.

Today, photography of these beloved toys has become these adults’ new form of PLAY, offering solace and joy through the expression of their creativity.

Talent has emerged from around the world, breathing life to their toys and creating images that reflect the social affections, current trends, and popular culture of our times. Here, imagination and creativity transcend borders, social classes and languages for individuals to come together as a community, bonded together by shared passion.

This is Wonderfactory’s story.

Wonderfactory was started by Singaporean toy collector Kenny Lim to share his passion for toy photography with his friends. Through it, he discovered a huge international community of toy photographers who, like himself, delight in exercising their imagination and creating stories by looking at their toys through their photographic lens.

Wonderfactory is now the only collective of its kind in the world, curating and sharing the best toy photography from around the world through its platform, in the form of contemporary art products, and interactive thematic exhibitions. In recent years, it has been sought out by casual audiences, fans of popular culture, as well as adventurous connoisseurs of modern art.