Wonderfactory is the only collective of its kind in the world, curating and sharing the best toy photography from around the world as the emerging form of Pop Art to modern society. 

The last 5 years has seen rapid development of Toy Photography as a hobby, with thousands of toy collectors using their toys to create pictures that express their thoughts of the world, their interpretation of popular culture, and their limitless creativity.

Hundreds of pictures are uploaded daily from around the world, onto the many social sharing sites on the internet. Collectively, they are followed by hundreds of thousands of people, entertained and inspired by these creativity of the amazing pictures taken by talented hobbyists.

Many of these hobbyists have emerged to be excellent photographers, with a handful who have distinguished themselves to be truly exceptional.

Wonderfactory is proud to present the work of these exceptional photographers; the most creative, technically proficient, dedicated and most influential photographers within the global community. The images they create reignite the joy we felt when we played with our toys, the imagination we had before we took on the responsibilities of life, and the wonder at the magical worlds we saw in our dreams, on television, and in the movies that made its way into our hearts through toys.

Enjoy. And be inspired to imagine again.


The Wonderfactory Team

  Kenny Lim
Singapore, b.1975, Founder

Kenny had 20 years of corporate experience in Multinational Corporations across Asia, spanning luxury FMCG, travel and hospitality industries, and was at the height of his career when he quit it all in 2015, to start Wonderfactory in pursuit of his desire to work with his creativity and with creative people. 

Kenny now spends his time interacting with the most creative people from around the world, and he is happy.


  Andrew Soh
Singapore, b.1973, Creative Principal

Andrew is a creative director with his own graphic design practice in Singapore, with 2 decades of professional experience providing design support to the FMCG, luxury and entertainment industries. Andrew has a keen eye for aesthetics and enjoys curating creative works.


  Jenny Ma
Hong Kong, b.1981, Creative Director

Jenny is a graphics designer and brand consultant in Hong Kong, with extensive experience in tactical executions for major international brands in the Asia-Pacific region. An avid modern-art lover, Jenny admires the diverse ways in which talented people around the world express their creativity.


  Jinli Ji
China, b.1983, Marketing Director 

Jinli has lived in 5 different countries over 13 years, accumulating experience in management of integrated marketing campaigns for products and services in the upscale hospitality industry across continents. Through life turbulences in recent years, including a battle with lung cancer, she believes in spending her time on meaningful endeavours, and advocates the importance of play to a fulfilling and satisfying life.