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Artist of the Month: Dominique Ambs

Dominique Ambs (b. 1978) is an orthopedist and lives in Strasbourg, France with his wife and son. Actively engaged in efforts for the protection of the environment since he was in university, Dominique grew a passion for nature photography, and developed it through his travels.

As a professional of the human anatomy, the disproportionate measurements of the LEGO minifigure caught Dominique’s imagination in 2013, and he started challenging himself to give life to their rigid form by staging them into his nature photography.

In 2014, the European Parliament chose one of Dominique’s photos to represent the Lima Conference on Climate Change, and he started gaining recognition in the French media as a photographer with a unique art form.

He staged his first solo exhibition in 2015 and won Best Photo of the Year with Coze magazine the same year. His toy photography has also been sought out by several consumer brands for their integrated marketing campaigns.

Today, Dominique has ongoing tenured exhibitions in the Pixel Museum in Strasbourg and Musée du jouet de Colmar, and his works are used as materials to teach plastic art, typography and mathematics at the College Jean Monnet in Dannemarie.

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